Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How the Young Avengers could enter the MCU (part 2)

In my last post, I explored some options as to how Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, Billy Kaplan and the Vision (Iron-Lad's relation, not Ultron's) could assemble on screen. Today, I'll be looking at the other members of the team: Teddy Altman, Eli Bradley, Tommy Shepherd and Nathaniel Richards.

Captain America 3
Introducing Eli 'Patriot' Bradley:
A long established fact of the MCU is that others have attempted to recreate Dr. Erskine's formula. The Incredible Hulk's version of Banner's origins involved the use of gamma radiation for this very purpose. So, it wouldn't be too difficult for the Marvel Studio's to introduce Eli's grandfather Isaiah Bradley in a future Captain America film. This can be achieved through flashbacks throughout the film and towards the end, Eli could be introduced when Cap visits the now elderly Isaiah. Eli can then be reintroduced in a Young Avengers project as Patriot.

Guardians of the Galaxy/Ms. Marvel/SHIELD
Introducing Teddy 'Hulking' Altman:
Of the teams founding members, Hulking is probably the hardest to introduce. Unlike his teammates, he doesn't hold any direct link to any existing characters in the MCU, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Firstly, with his role as heir to both the Kree and Skrull empires he fits nicely into a cosmic film. Loosely adapting an arc from Young Avengers Volume 1, the empires could converge on Earth to take Teddy by force leading to the Guardians of the Galaxy intervening. However this is relying on the film getting a sequel or Marvel wishing to bring the team to Earth.

Another option is a Ms. Marvel solo film. It's long been rumoured that Carol Danvers will be joining in The Avengers 2 (or maybe even earlier in GOTG), which would inevitably lead into a solo film. With her origins, this would likely involve a connection with the Kree and hopefully Teddy's biological father Captain Marvel. This would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Teddy, or at the very least the Kree, to the MCU. One final possibility is (as mentioned in my last post) a cameo or guest appearance in SHIELD, which hopefully will be used as a springboard for more obscure Marvel characters.

The Young Avengers
Introducing Nathaniel 'Iron-Lad' Richard and Tommy 'Speed' Shepherd:
Before talking about these characters, I should probably outline where I see Young Avengers fitting into the wider scheme pf the MCU. Firstly, I don't think a film is the right place for these characters. A TV series would give them more room to expand away from their older counterparts and create a tone more suited to their specific team dynamic. Secondly, the first season should, at least for the first half of the season, focus on how these characters already established in the MCU come together with the main conflict being the ominous presence of Kang.

Iron-Lad should be the first character the viewer meets in the pilot, possibly discussing an imminent threat from the future and his plan to stop it. This leads into him gradually recruiting or meeting each team member as the pilot progresses, ending with the team breaking into Avengers Mansion/Stark Tower/the Helicarrier and stealing the Avengers relics like Cap's shield and Hawkeye's bow.

From that point onwards the series can feature individual episodes dealing with each member's respective story arcs. Mid-way through the series Tommy can be introduced. Also with Joss Whedon's comments about a "brother and sister dynamic" in the Avengers sequel it seems possible that Tommy and Billy's parentage could be addressed.

The finale of the series or mid-season finale should involve Kang's forces arriving in the present day and the team contacting the Avengers for help. This can lead into Avengers 3 or 4 (or any other sequel assuming Marvel Studios is here for the long haul).

These are just some ideas as to how Marvel could introduce the Young Avengers into the MCU. Although this is probably just wishful thinking. Any Young Avenger's fan likely has a long wait until they see the team on screen...

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