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Once Upon A Theory: Jefferson's magic hat

Late last season we were introduced to Jefferson's hat and it's role as a gateway between different worlds. As of this point in time we only know two worlds it can definitely access and one implied world:

  1. Enchanted Forest/Fairytale Land - The world where most of Storybrooke's residents come from. We definitely know it can be reached via the hat as Regina managed to reach back to grab her apple.
  2. Wonderland - Traditionally home of Alice, the Queen of Hearts and the Hatter himself. Obviously the first world we saw anyone travel to through the hat.
  3. Storybrooke/Our world - We haven't definitely seen anyone travel here through the hat but as Regina was able to reach back to the Enchanted Forest, it's a safe bet to assume Jefferson's hat is linked to our world.
The Flying Monkeys in Henry's book
During 'An Apple Red As Blood' it was even implied that the hat could be used to travel back (or forward) in time. But what other worlds might we see characters travel to this season? Based on some of the doors and clues there are certain worlds which I think are likely to show up.

The first world I'm sure we'll see is the wonderful world of 'Oz'. In the gateway between worlds in Jefferson's hat we've seen a doorway distinctly resembling the emerald curtain The Wizard hides behind in the story. We've even seen subtle hints at Oz in Henry's book. A page, shown briefly early into the show, featured a group of the Wicked Witch of The West's (Elphaba?) flying monkeys. It wouldn't be hard for Oz and it's colourful cast to appear in the show as Disney currently hold the rights to the Oz franchise (other than Wicked).

Mulan, Oz, Wonderland, a corridor and a front door?
I think we'll also see a separate world for the     character of Mulan. After hearing of the casting of Jamie Chung I wondered about how the character would fit into the existing Fairytale world and couldn't really see any obvious ties to existing characters and locations (then again who would have thought the Genie would also be the Queen's mirror?). However when re-watching Hat Trick, during the same shot showing the emerald curtain, I spotted a door with an oriental theme which looks incredibly similar to the emperors palace in Disney's Mulan. 

Now is where things become less easy to predict. I'll begin with some ideas for worlds which, although there aren't any obvious doors leading to them, would suit the direction the show is taking in season two. Firstly Neverland. Neverland has always been treated as a world separate from our own and I don't see any reason why Once would change that. I'm guessing a door would feature a star motif linking to the 'Second star to the right' quote. Another world I think likely is a world of giants. We know that Magic Beans can open a gateway between worlds so maybe Jack used a gateway to reach the giants world. It would therefore make sense that Jefferson's hat was linked to this world. Lastly there's a world of Camelot. We know Sir Lancelot will be appearing next season, so Camelot will probably appear or at least be referenced. Although, it may be a doorway in Jefferson's hat, but I think it will probably just be another kingdom in the Enchanted Forest.

Some more of Jefferson's doors including the brick wall
 (hopefully leading to Hogwarts)
The next two ideas are based on doors which reminded me of different stories but seem unlikely based on the shows direction and their access to stories. Before I get to my crazy fan crossover theory, I'll discuss Narnia. While Regina and Jefferson were between worlds several doors seemed like quite plain wooden doors, but one stood out as reminding me of the wardrobe in Disney's adaptation of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. However, as amazing, as a Narnia-centric episode would be I doubt it will happen. If I'm right Disney (and ergo ABC) sold the Narnia franchise to Walden media and it's not generally seen as a fairy-tale or legend (a theme the show seems to be focussing more on with Camelot and Mulan). 

My last idea for a world for the show is pretty big. In fact it's my favourite. It's the magical world of... Hogwarts! Okay, okay. This won't happen, but there is a door which would be perfect. One of the doorways is simply a brick wall and any Potter fan knows that Harry walks through walls many times throughout the series, such as when he visits Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4. I know this won't happen, Warner Bros would never allow it and it's not really a fairy-tale but for me this would be the ultimate crossover.

These are just a few of my ideas for worlds in the show. What other worlds can you see appearing?

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