Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Once Upon A Theory: Henry's really Peter Pan

I have a confession to make. I am in love with Once Upon A Time! Somewhere between the 'Pilot' and 'Snow Falls' it became my favourite show. Since the series finale, like most fans, I've been trying to work out what's going to happen in the next series. So this is the first many theories for the show focusing on who Peter Pan is in Storybrooke.

At Comic-Con we received confirmation that Captain Hook would be coming to Storybrooke and last week casting was announced. But surely if Hook's being cast we should have heard about Peter by now. How can we explore what makes Hook tick (sorry about the pun) without his adversary? Where is all the casting for the boy from Neverland? My theory is we don't need a new cast member. In fact, if I'm right, Peter has been in the show from day one and is one of the first characters we're introduced to. He's actually, arguably, the most important character. Henry.

This is a theory I've had for a while now, which dates back to when I first saw 'That Still Small Voice' During one of Henry's counselling sessions, where Archie tells him he needs to stop believing in the fairytales, I realised that Henry doesn't want to. Not just stop believing. Henry doesn't want to grow up. Throughout the entire first season he holds on to his faith in the book, in the same way any child holds onto their belief in fairies, Santa and magic.

A boy who won't grow up. Sound familar? That's because it's a trait Henry shares perfectly with Peter. Peter Pan, in both J.M Barrie's original and Disney's adaption, is a young boy who refuses to grow up just like our friend Henry. This childlike faith and resilience is held onto by Henry throughout the first season, even when Emma tells him to stop believing.

So what else links the two characters? I'd say both's search for a mother. Whilst Peter Pan recruits Wendy to be his 'mother', Henry is desperate to reconnect with his real mother Emma. Both also suffer from abandonment from their parents. A tenuous link, but a link nonetheless. They're also parallels of each other. Peter escapes our world into a land of magic, just as Henry does, but there's one key difference. Henry brings magic from the Enchanted Forest (It sounds better than Fairytale-land) to the real world effectively doing the opposite of Peter.

Faith, Trust and an Evil Queen's magic?
Obviously none of this proves anything, but news regarding series two has given some more evidence for this theory. Our first glimpse of the new series (seen here) shows Captain Hook entering Mr Gold's shop and stealing his famed hook back, so we know Hook is coming, likely with other inhabitants of Neverland; but also shows Henry seeming scared about something happening in Storybrooke. Could it be that Henry's come to clash with Peter Pan's old foe?

Then these pictures surfaced. Henry flying. Just like Peter Pan. Albeit with the help of a spell or two of Regina's but maybe Henry keeps the flight. If he can fly he's a lot closer to becoming Peter.

I'm probably completely wrong and shouldn't try second-guessing the Once writers. I mean, who saw Ruby actually being the Wolf? However I'd love to see this happen. It would be a great twist and the town of Storybrooke probably doesn't have much space left for new character (more of that in a future theory) and I love Peter Pan.

Next time in Once Upon A Theory: Two villains, a curse and a spinning wheel.

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