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Deathly Hallows: 5 years (plus a day) on

Let's all just pretend this was posted yesterday (21st July), on the actual anniversary of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' release, otherwise I just look stupid.

J.K Rowling and Deathly Hallows
It seems like only yesterday that I was queuing to receive my copy of, what is arguably, the most highly anticipated book of all time. Being just eleven years old, I (much to my dismay) couldn't go by myself to a midnight release and had to spend the night waiting whilst others were already reading and some were probably already nearing 'The Battle of Hogwarts' or even finished when I finally got my copy (a whole eleven hours after the books release, thanks Mum and Dad). I still remember being given the book by a man dressed (quite believably) as Hagrid and rushing to the checkout so I could finally learn the fate of Harry, Hermione, Ron and (most importantly for me) Lupin.

The next two and a half days were spent going through a mixture of emotions. Firstly, frustration at family and friends keeping me from reading. Secondly, sadness. I cried countless times throughout my first reading of 'Deathly Hallows'. Considering I cried nearly every time a character died (even Pettigrew) and for most of 'The Battle of Hogwarts' you can imagine how tear-stained my copy became (Okay, I'm probably exaggerating a bit but that's how I remember it). But mostly I felt excited and exhilarated for every twist and turn and whatever J.K Rowling had planned for the next chapter.

Reading "All was well." and closing the book was a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, it was over. Harry, Ron and Hermione had survived the war, beaten Voldemort and had grown up. Truly a happy ending. On the other hand, it was over. There would never be another book. There would never be a new story. No more Hogwarts. No more adventures with the Trio. No more magic.

The Deathly Hallows in the sand
(made by Me!)
Sure, there was still three films left to look forward to but would it ever be the same? Would Harry Potter still be there now the books had finished. I thought 'No, it can't not without a new book', how was I? Since that book we've obviously had the film, but also a Tour, Pottermore (finally new information from Jo!), countless fandom projects and events (MyHogwarts, LeakyCon, Starkid's musicals, the list goes on and on) and a theme park (which I've yet to visit, fingers crossed for 2013)! I could spend forever talking about how strong the fandom still is, how Potter will continue and how it changed my life but they're all stories for another day. This is about the final book.

I can't actually believe it's been five years since the last book (and a year since the last film!). As I've already said it seems like only yesterday I was reading it for the first time and thinking it was the end. But I was wrong, as J.K Rowling said "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home". All was well.

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